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You don’t know me.

I’m so tired of people thinking they know who I am.

You’ve never even asked about my hopes, my dreams.

How can you know me?

You don’t know the thing that scares me the most.

You don’t know how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep.

You don’t know how many times my feeble heart’s been shattered.

You don’t know how I yearn to be loved with a love like Jesus’.

You don’t know how much i want to be desired, to be cherished.

You don’t know that I’m just a girl.

You don’t know that I bleed just the same as everyone.

I bleed, I burn, I perish, I cringe—

At the disdain in your eyes,

At the sound of discouragement in your voice, 

At the thought of not living up to my dreams.

At the emptiness of my hand yearning to be held.

But you don’t care enough to know that 

In the very depths of my soul, 

Lies an innocent little girl 

Who was always pushed away 

and scolded.

But me, I’m no one

You can just keep on walking

Because I don’t need anyone who doesn’t believe in me

Who doesn’t wanna see me succeed. 

Who doesn’t love me for me.

Who could care less if I survive 

the heartbreak

the misery

the shame

That you put me through.

So goodbye


I don’t even want you to look my way

You don’t deserve the privilege,

 but that’s okay

I kinda like the thought

of your regretting how 

You abandoned me.

Keep on looking

I hope it burns

deep inside 

when you remember all that I am.

I’m unique.

One of a kind.

They don’t make reproductions of me.

So it’s your loss.

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